UPS Monitoring Software: 7 Best Picks for 2023 (Free & Paid) (2023)

I know how crucial it is for your businesses to have a continuous power supply that mitigates the risk of network downtime, data theft, and performance issues. Consequently, you always look for a reliable backup power supply infrastructure for your businesses, which is why you should integrate an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) device or unit.

UPS, a backup device that ensures your network gets a constant power supply in the event of a power outage in the central power system.

But when did you last check the battery health of your UPS device? Have you recently tracked the power usage of your UPS system? Say goodbye to these tiresome manual checks and audits of your UPS devices with the best UPS monitoring software.

Best UPS Management Software

SoftwareBest forTop features
1. ManageEngine’s OpManagerIT Infrastructure UPS MonitoringAutomatic detection of UPS devices, captures key metrics information, User-specific dashboards, Generates reports and insights for UPS auditing
2. Site 24×7APC UPS Monitoring Software to Scale Data centers of any SizeCloud based software, single console UPS monitoring, Versatile tool for countless UPS devices, make custom dashboards
3. PRTGEntire Power Supply MonitoringMaintains detailed logs of UPS devices, mobile app available, real-time alerts, best UPS monitoring software for Windows 10, 8, 7.
4. ZabbixVariety of Solutions for UPS MonitoringOpen source software, highly customizable, Configurable thresholds, Supports multiple communication protocols
5. NagiosMultiple dedicated plugins for UPS Monitoring on LinuxDedicated plugins for different UPS use cases, open-source, accurate alerts, both free and paid versions are available
6. NUTCentralized UPS Monitoring of Unix based SystemsOpen source tool, uniform interface to monitor distinct power units, maintains logs of power statistics
7. Eaton IPMDedicated UPS Monitoring for Eaton Devices.Auto-discovery of UPS devices, best for Eaton UPS devices, Great option for Unix systems

1. ManageEngine’s OpManger – Best IT Infrastructure UPS Monitoring Software

UPS Monitoring Software: 7 Best Picks for 2023 (Free & Paid) (1)
  • Operating System:Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Pricing:Comes with Free edition for individuals, Requires subscription to monitor enterprises.
  • Developer:ManageEngine

This popular network management software also has a remarkable performance in effectively monitoring UPS devices. With OpManager, you can get through a power outage with no interruptions and effortlessly achieve 100% uptime.

This UPS monitoring software employs SNMP protocol to fetch details about battery health, battery runtime, output current, and output voltage of connected UPS devices.

You can set the thresholds for different UPS metrics and receive alerts based on your customized configurations. Moreover, you can create custom templates to track specific metrics in the UPS parameters.

Having a universal UPS monitoring software like ManageEngine’s OpManager lets you detect the root cause of outages with its detailed reports, and fix them to avoid downtime.

ManageEngine’s OpManager is always an ideal choice for monitoring IT infrastructures.


  • Automatic detection of connected UPS devices.
  • You can design custom templates to track the metrics that are important to you.
  • Get real-time alerts of outages and power events.
  • The tool captures the metrics status, letting you understand the performance of your network.
  • User-specific dashboards can be created.
  • Generates reports and insights for UPS device auditing.


  • Enterprise edition can be costly for individuals and small-scale businesses.

Download OpManager

2. Site 24×7 – Best APC UPS Monitoring Software to Scale Data centers of any Size

UPS Monitoring Software: 7 Best Picks for 2023 (Free & Paid) (2)
  • Operating System:Windows, macOS, Linux
  • Pricing:Comes with 30-day free trial.
  • Developer:ManageEngine

Monitor the runtime, temperature, power, frequency, and voltage of your UPS devices with Site24x7 UPS monitoring software.

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What sets this tool apart is that it is a cloud-based solution that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

By leveraging SNMP monitoring, the software can continuously monitor any metric of UPS devices from different vendors. Thus, you can immediately identify potential breakdowns and resolve them before affecting the network’s uptime.

Site 24×7 excels in monitoring everything from massive data centers in organizations to home devices, making it versatile, regardless of the size and complexity of the system being monitored.

On top of that, the Site 24×7 works best for sudden and unexpected outages like voltage drops, battery breakdowns, and overheating.

You can sign up for a 30-day free trial before investing in it.


  • Seamless single console UPS monitoring.
  • Cloud-based software, meaning you don’t need to install it on-premise.
  • You can make custom dashboards that show metrics of your preference.
  • The tool provides default templates for numerous UPS devices like APC UPS 9605, APC Smart-UPS 3000, Dell UPS v4, TrippLite UPS, Delta UPS, and much more.
  • The software is versatile and adaptable to various UPS devices.


  • Internet-dependent tool, which means the software will be ineffective in poor internet connection.

Download Site 24×7

3. PRTG – Best for entire Power Supply Monitoring

UPS Monitoring Software: 7 Best Picks for 2023 (Free & Paid) (3)
  • Operating System:Windows OS
  • Pricing:Free version is available with limited sensors, Requires paid license for additional features.
  • Developer:Paessler AG

PRTG UPS monitoring software is one on the list that creates sensors to monitor UPS device attributes. That is, each sensor can monitor a unique performance metric such as battery status, input/output voltage, runtime, and more. Accordingly, the software employs 5-10 sensors per UPS device.

PRTG alerts you via email, SMS, and push notifications or you can even notice them triggering on the software’s interface. This lets you stay on top of your UPS device’s performance with fewer efforts.

Furthermore, the software provides customized sensors for APC UPS monitoring that offers extra insights on when to replace the battery or the reason behind the last power outage.

Whether you prefer an on-premise solution or a cloud-based one, PRTG has got you covered with its diverse premium plan options.

The tool comes with higher customer satisfaction with over 95 percent of its users recommending it.

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  • Special APC UPS monitoring software.
  • Trusted by 500,000 users including brands like Trustpilot, and PCMAG.
  • PRTG’s setup is a matter of minutes.
  • You can operate the software via mobile devices.
  • Maintains detailed logs of UPS devices’ performance.


  • Requires additional plugins to run the tool on macOS or Linux.

Download PRTG

4. Zabbix – Provides a wide range of Solutions for UPS Monitoring

UPS Monitoring Software: 7 Best Picks for 2023 (Free & Paid) (4)
  • Operating System:Windows OS
  • Pricing:Open-source
  • Developer:Zabbix LLc

Zabbix supports multiple protocols and offers diverse solutions for monitoring UPS devices from different vendors. However, using SNMP protocol to monitor parameters such as battery health, battery runtime, and input/output voltage is a popular one among them.

While Zabbix employs IPMI protocol for managing hardware components, it can also monitor certain UPS performance attributes with this protocol.

To use Zabbix, launch the software and configure it to the preferred protocol then enter the UPS device’s IP address. The software now fetches the data of performance attributes and alerts you of potential outages.


  • Supports multiple communication protocols.
  • Highly customizable tool
  • You can get this feature-rich tool for free.
  • Configurable thresholds.
  • Can generate reports from the fetched data.
  • Open source software


  • Configuring and operating Zabbix requires technical knowledge.

Download Zabbix

5. Nagios – A Suite of multiple dedicated plugins for UPS Monitoring on Linux

UPS Monitoring Software: 7 Best Picks for 2023 (Free & Paid) (5)
  • Operating System:Linux
  • Pricing:Nagios Core – Free, Nagios XI – 30-day free trial
  • Developer:Nagios Enterprises, LLC

Nagios Core and Nagios XI are the solutions offered by this UPS monitoring software.

Nagios Core, an open-source software, offers specially designed UPS plugins that need to be configured with the software to effectively monitor UPS devices. In short, a dedicated plugin is defined to monitor each type of UPS device.

For instance, “check_ups” plugin leverages the SNMP communication protocol to keep an eye on different performance attributes including battery status, voltage, and runtime. Another plugin “check_upsc”, monitors the NUT server and UPS behind it.

Notably, the tool passes alerts to higher-ups if the IT staff didn’t address them on time.

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Upgrade to Nagios XI to access additional impressive features.


  • Dedicated plugins for different UPS use cases.
  • Nagios core is available no cost.
  • Highly accurate alerts.
  • Generates Insights on future failures.


  • The GUI is not user-friendly and requires technical knowledge to use it.

Download Nagios Core

6. NUT – Best for Centralized UPS Monitoring of Unix based Systems

UPS Monitoring Software: 7 Best Picks for 2023 (Free & Paid) (6)
  • Operating System:Windows OS, Linux, macOS
  • Pricing:Open-source
  • Developer:Arnaud Quette, contributed by countless developers

All-in-one tool for monitoring power devices such as UPS devices, power distribution units, power supply units, and solar controllers.

You can monitor UPS devices from over 170 different vendors with its uniform control and management interface, employing various communication methods including Serial, USB, and Protocols such as SNMP, HTTP, or TCP/IP.

With its simple and CGI-based web interface, you can configure alert preferences, view the current status of UPS devices, and even create custom status pages that display your preferred performance metrics data.


  • Open source tool with no restrictions to access any feature.
  • The software’s unified interface monitors different power supply units, making it a user-friendly tool that’s easy to comprehend.
  • Though the software works best on multiple flavors of Unix, it has ways to run on Windows and macOS too.
  • Customized logs of power statistics.


  • No official support for users

Download NUT

7. Intelligent Power Manager – Dedicated UPS Monitoring Software for Eaton Devices.

UPS Monitoring Software: 7 Best Picks for 2023 (Free & Paid) (7)
  • Operating System:Windows OS
  • Pricing:60-day free trial
  • Developer:Eaton

Last on our list is IPM(Eaton Intelligent Power Manager), a simple wizard-based solution that allows you to remotely manage and monitor any UPS device on your network.

While the software is specially designed for monitoring Eaton UPS devices, it is also compatible with many other UPS devices from various vendors.

The software implements SNMP, HTTP, TCP/IP, and others to establish seamless communication with UPS devices.

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The latest advancements in the tool include a modern and intuitive user interface, advanced visualization features, and more options to automate monitoring.


  • Monitors both Eaton and third-party devices.
  • IPM 2, an updated version comes with advanced monitoring capabilities.
  • The tool has plans to fit any budget.
  • Auto-discovery of UPS devices on the network.


  • Limited compatibility with non-Eaton UPS devices.

Download IPM

What UPS Monitoring Software does?

Power is the primary requirement for any machine to run on your network. To ensure a continuous power supply to your systems, even in the event of an outage, UPS devices are introduced. Monitoring the usage and status of these UPS devices is necessary to achieve 100% network uptime.

UPS monitoring software allows you automatically manage and monitor key UPS metrics like battery health, battery status, runtime, voltage, temperature, and many others.

Additionally, the tool alerts you on any UPS malfunctions and sudden shutdowns.

Automated shutdown, remote monitoring, and load balancing come with a few advanced UPS monitoring tools.

How Can I monitor my Ups?

There are many methods to keep track of your UPS devices however UPS monitoring software is a proven method to efficiently monitor uninterrupted power supplies.

Choose the UPS monitoring software that suits your requirement, ideally from the above list. Integrate the software into your network and configure it to monitor your preferred UPS metrics.

Best Free UPS Monitoring Software

The free software options I’ve listed are the best to achieve a continuous and uninterrupted power supply. However, choose the right one for you based on the product features, strengths are downsides.

If you are technically strong and looking for feature-rich free software, Zabbix is a great option. On the other hand, consider incorporating NUT for a unified and easy-to-use monitoring interface.

You can leverage OpManager free edition for basic UPS monitoring.

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Final Thoughts

A good UPS monitoring software should include SNMP protocol for communication, an accurate alerting system, able to fetch key metrics information such as battery health, voltage, and runtime.

However, the best one for you solely relies on your requirement. This is why we’ve compiled a list of the best UPS monitoring software in this article. Choose the wise one by analyzing the benefits and drawbacks described for each software.


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