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Katara noted the gaped look Sokka made at the snowy-haired woman from the corner of her vision and rolled her eyes. How he's going to attempt to woo such a seemingly eminent figure, she found that she's rather intrigued by, in the back of her mind. Hopefully he won't get so worked up over the girl that it starts to annoy both her and the latter.

Such a thought was acknowledged when the feast thrown in celebration for their visit (as well as Princess Yue’s sixteenth birthday, coincidentally) arrived. “Y’know, back in my tribe, I'm kind of like a prince myself.” Katara practically snorted. “Prince of what?” Sokka glared at her. “A lot of things. Uh, do you mind? I'm trying to have a conversation here.”

Katara sneered, distantly taken aback at how affronted she felt. “My apologies, prince Sokka.” The sarcastic retort earned her another glare from her brother before he turned back to Yue, who displayed a similar amount of cringe on her face.

“So, I'm gonna be in town for a while it seems. Do you, uh, wanna do an activity together?” Katara almost spat out the seaweed soup from her bowl. He was relentless. To her prediction, however, Yue politely declined the offer with a hint of irritation (Katara caught) and shared an amused, empathetic glance with the waterbender.


“But she didn't love you, did she? It was an arranged marriage.” Yue twisted her face away and clenched her fists before flouncing off. Katara noted the reaction from a glance and blinked in consternation. Maybe the Princess was in a similar situation?

Her memory recalled when Chief Arnook announced Yue's sanction to marry at the night of their arrival, and how the latter refused to meet with Sokka after the feast, yet Katara supposed it might be that she just thought her brother wasn’t all that great a catch. Sokka started to run off after her before Aang seemed to convince him not to, believing that the Princess just needed some space.


“The legends say the moon was the first waterbender,” Yue reflected, desolation somewhat visible on her face which was an expression that Katara had not percepted on the Princess before. “Our ancestors saw how it pushed and pulled the tides and learned how to do it themselves.” The waterbender couldn’t seem to avert her gaze from Yue, and from the looks of it, the moonlight was captivated by her as well. “I've always noticed my waterbending is stronger at night,” Katara remarked absentmindedly.

Yue proceeded to explicate the balance between the Moon and Ocean spirits, to which Aang reacted with a bright shift of his zealousness. “The spirits!” he gasps, “maybe I can find them and get their help!” The Princess grinned at the revelation and glanced at the boy. “Of course! You’re the bridge between our world and that of the spirits. Maybe they’ll give you the wisdom to win this battle.”

“Or maybe they'll unleash a crazy amazing spirit attack on the Fire Nation!” Aang exclaimed, waving his arms around for emphasis. Both girls ignored him and turned to each other. “The only problem is, last time he got to the Spirit World by accident. How is he going to get there this time?” Yue smirked. “I have an idea. Follow me.”

The Princess led them to a small wooden door at the side of her father’s royal palace, prompting Aang to ask her if that was the way to the Spirit World. The former shot an amused look at Katara and she barked a laugh. “No. You’ll have to get there on your own,” Yue leaned forward, “but I can take you to the most spiritual place in the entire North Pole.” She opened the door and allowed the Avatar to take the first step, who reveled in the presence of such an unexpectedly missed environment. Katara reacted similarly.

Both Water Tribe citizens removed their coats, walking to the pond centered in the oasis to which the koi fish swam around in synchronisation. The girls shot a glare at Momo who attempted to grab one of the spirits before the winged lemur sheepishly began to run off.

“Why is he sitting like that?” Yue whispered, leaning in towards Katara and gesturing to the cross-legged boy. “He’s meditating. Trying to cross over into the Spirit World.” The waterbender giggled. “We could just push him into the pond right now.” Yue playfully smacked her arm, “Stop it. Unless… you do it instead of me.”

Aang twists his head to the pair behind him. “Could you guys be more quiet? I can hear every word you’re saying!” Not too long afterwards the boy seemed to finally enter the alternate dimension, the glow of his eyes and tattoos signifying his spiritual departure. The two girls sat leaning against the wood of the large gate centered behind the body of water, knees and shoulders brushing against one another’s.

“Is he okay?” the Princess asked, concerned. “He's crossing into the Spirit World. He'll be fine as long as we don't move his body. That’s the way back to the physical world for an Avatar.” Yue nodded ploddingly, eyes closed. “I know. I was supposed to be the Avatar succeeding him.”

Katara abruptly twists her upper body to face her. “...What?” Yue sighed and pensively looked at the boy in front of them. “Your friend met with my father and I privately after talking to Master Pakku at the feast,” her gaze remained to the direction of Aang, “he told us about the century he spent in that iceberg and we realized that if the Avatar cycle hadn’t been halted for that long, I would’ve been the next one after him.” Katara stared at her in dubiety. “But how? Why you?”

Yue tilted her head down, eyes closed. “I was born very sick and weak. Most babies cry when they're born, but I was born with my eyes closed, as if I was asleep. Our healers revealed to my parents that I was going to die. My father begged the spirits to save me. That night, beneath the full moon, he placed me in this pond. My dark hair turned white and I began to cry, signifying that I would live.” The Princess looked up. “Because Aang still had the Avatar spirit instead of me, I needed the Moon spirit to survive.”

She turned to a stupefied Katara in cognizance. “It all makes sense now. The next element in the cycle after air is water, and that could also explain why I’m a nonbender since I didn’t have the Avatar spirit to grant such abilities.” The waterbender glanced down before looking back at Yue, brows furrowed. “That’s why your name is Yue, isn't it? After the moon?” The Princess grinned. “Heh… that’s one way to put it.” She fiddled with her betrothal necklace between two fingers.

“But I do have other ways to serve my tribe, regardless if I'm the Avatar or not. Even if it meant getting married to a boy I don't give two figs about.” Yue grinned sheepishly at Katara, to which the latter returned with a warm smile.

Katara couldn’t seem to look anywhere else besides the direction of the Princess, and she found herself to reach for the carved stone attached to her own necklace as well. “I think you already know why Master Pakku allowed me to be his pupil recently.” Yue chuckled. “Your grandmother passed it down to you as a birthday gift, didn’t she?”

The waterbender glanced at her necklace in rumination. “Well, my mother got it from her first, and then she passed it down to me. I’m just glad I didn’t retrieve it for marriage.” Her eyes grew in realization of her comment and turned her face away from Yue. “Sorry.” The Princess remained expressionless for a bit before barking a laugh. “Don’t be.” She tenderly guided Katara to face her again with the touch of her hand against her jaw. “I’m just happy that you were okay with telling me this stuff the way I did to you.”

The pair was so close to each other now, the luminescence of Aang’s eyes and tattoos reflecting onto the water as Katara turned her head towards Yue’s, whose hair brushed against her chest and-

The imminence of their shared contact was interrupted with a rope of fire being whipped between them and the Avatar, evoking Katara to stand up immediately to face their attacker. “No…” Prince Zuko sneered at the girl. “Yes,” he took a step closer, “hand him over and I won't have to hurt you.” The waterbender shoots a resolute glance at Yue before instigating a defensive stance. “Run!”

The Prince punched another blast to which Katara blocked by summoning another shield of water. She guided a powerful jet of water towards Zuko, who was pushed farther back due to the collision. As he attempted to return to a steady position, small juts of ice formed around his feet before large waves began overwhelming him with their encasement. Katara waved her arms about wildly to ensure Zuko’s lack of leeway and froze the water solid, grinning triumphantly at his imprisonment.

Zuko grimaced at her shown aptitude. “You little peasant. You’ve found a master, haven’t you?” The globule of ice began to glow with heat and the ground rumbled before the trap melted completely. He tried to wallop fireballs at Katara, who drew water from the surrounding river to deflect the strikes. She prepared to assail him with a blast of her own until Zuko slipped away and headed toward Aang.

Just as his fingers grasp his collar, Katara shoots a second strafe of water, slamming Zuko against an icy wall of the oasis. She whipped up a massive wave and pummeled the Prince with it before freezing the water, encasing him in ice.

Rays of sunlight beamed down on Zuko, who remained imprisoned in the ice. He felt the heat and exhaled steam from his nose, melting the ice quickly. He lands on the ground and shoots a fireblast at Katara, who had her back turned to him at that moment. She turned around swiftly, however, and attempted to deflect the blast by conjuring a water shield. Nonetheless, her defense arrived too late when the blast slammed her against the gate of the oasis, knocking her out. Zuko stood in front of her, holding Aang’s body by the collar.

Unconcsiousness rapidly invaded Katara’s senses after hearing some sort of declaration from the Prince, and briefly felt the gentle sweep of a pair of arms beneath her back before sleep undertook her.


Katara’s eyes snap open to the sight of Yue’s perturbed expression staring down at her. The waterbender immediately detached herself from the arms of the Princess and crawled about the grass, desperately searching for the boy she was supposed to be guarding. “Aang!”

She eventually looked up to see her brother riding on Appa, who questioned the events of when she was conscious. Katara averted her gaze to the ground in anguish. “Zuko took Aang. He took him right out from under me.”

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